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About us

Kian Mehr Agricultural Company has consist of four parts: the Plant Protection Clinic, Soil Laboratory, and Contribution to the Production of Inputs and Merchandising inputs.

The plant clinic works in identifying pests and diseases as well as consulting experts and farmers. In 2016, this is a plantation clinic selected by the provincial sample clinic. Yuban Soil Science Laboratory is the only laboratory equipped with ICP in Kerman province, which operates in the field of leaf, water and soil testing. In this laboratory fertilization counseling is also done. In the merchandising department, we have tried to provide the best quality agricultural inputs for the farmers.

This company recognizes the dear Iran as an eternal mission and serves the efforts of landowners and landowners. Since our foundation, our goal has been to provide the technical issues of the day and the best agricultural inputs with the "slogan of honesty in knowledge, quality in the product" in such a way that the only concern of our farmers will be about rain and sunlight issue.